Welcome to Café Lava – Your Cozy Beachside Haven

Located just a minute from the beach, Café Lava offers real coffee, great food, and reliable internet. Experience the perfect blend of music, community, and connection in a quaint, in-house café setting.

Dive into Bliss at Gypsy Divers

Discover Café Lava, where you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of home while savoring delicious meals in our cozy dining area. Whether you’re an experienced diver, a curious newcomer, a traveler, or a book lover, Café Lava is your ultimate spot for exchanging stories of travel, adventure, scuba, marine life, and art.

A Diver’s Haven

Café Lava is a sanctuary for solo travelers. You’ll never feel alone here. Our enchanting tunes during breakfast, lunch, and dinner create a sense of déjà vu, making you feel right at home. Dive into our bookshelves, where a new friend in the form of a book awaits to take you on a personal journey.

Unleash Your Creativity

Grab a game or pick up a musical instrument and start a jam session with newfound friends. The memories you create at Café Lava will be cherished for a lifetime, making you feel like you’ve found a second home.

Join our vibrant diving community and create unforgettable moments at Gypsy Divers’ Café Lava. Your new family is waiting!

Glowing testimonials for Cafe Lava

  • This is a true oasis in Havelock! Amazing and delicious food! The chef was very open to customizing the dishes based on our taste and dietary requirements. Highly recommended this hidden gem of a restaurant. Come chill and hangout to some great vibes and wonderful service. – Prashant (US) 
  • Sparing the usual hyperbolic verbiage of reviews, “Pretty Cool” is the honest expression that appropriately comes to mind with regards to Cafe Lava. A first floor, open air, smallish affair— 16 covers anchored by a hexagonal American picnic table — Lava has more a reading room vibe. It is serviced by a single waiter and a lone chef whipping up goodies in a clean, modern kitchen on the ground floor. In the opinion of this internationally gallivanting gourmand, Lava handily competes with enjoyable eating establishments anywhere in the world. The menu is a jumble of cuisines given the diverse clientele the place caters to, and all the dishes from the humble upma to the succulent crab preparations are pleasant to the palate, to say the least. Lava is off the beaten path, tucked away on the campus of the renowned Gypsy Divers outfit. This is a definite must eat-at spot if you’re on glorious Swaraj Dweep whether your visit here is to enhance the flavor of your honeymoon or to spice up your 9-to-5 mainland life. Yes, Lava is Pretty Cool. – Rajesh Alfred (Canada) 
  • The food at Lava Cafe is hands down the best food you can get in Havelock. Do try their Prawn Curry in Andaman/Indian style with Garlic rice. Their lobster in Indian style is also mouthwatering ! Shoutout to the 2 cooks and Balkrishna at Lava Cafe for making all that delicious food. I was in Havelock for a total of around 26 meals and I ate 23 at Lava Cafe. I just didn’t want to go out side. -Aryan (Ahmedabad) 

  • Recently visited Cafe Lava and had a delightful experience. The serene and calm ambience provided a perfect setting for a relaxing meal. All dishes were not only absolutely mouth watering but also made fresh, enhancing the overall dining experience. The lovely service added a personal touch, making it a memorable visit. – Khushi (Delhi)
  • Bala krishna and Ganesh and krishna were amazing! Great food. Special custom design dishes were crafted and created as I am vegetarian. The food was perfect. The staff was polite and the food was always FRESH!!!!!. I really had a great time tasting almost everything on their MENU. The management team was fantastic. – Saraswati (Hydrabad)
  • At Cafe Lava you are served excellent meals, the portions are generous and the price is very reasonable. – Betty (Italy)

  • The best part after Scuba diving, Comfortable Rooms is in-house cafe (named Lava) served delicious food (we ended up trying almost every dish on their menu). A huge shoutout to Poonam and the entire diving team for creating such an exceptional place, ensuring everyone who visits Gypsy goes back with immense memories for a lifetime. – – Prateeka (Banglore)