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Andaman Islands

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of 572 islands in the Bay of Bengal. The archipelago is approximately 1370km from India and 150km from Indonesia. The natural vegetation of the island is tropical forest, with mangroves on the coast. Most forests are evergreen, with over 200 species of timber producing trees. These deciduous forest are located in North, Middle and parts of South Andamans. The south has a plentiful growth of ferns and orchids.

The Andaman Islands are home, to a number of endemic or near endemic mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.
Only a dozen or so islands are open to tourists. Local transport comprises private cars, taxis, rickshaws and bus.
Havelock Island is the preferred destination, for its marvelous beaches and diving sites. In fact, Havelock is now synonymous with Andaman Islands.
The Nicobar Islands and tribal settlements are strictly off limits to tourists. The capital of Andaman is Port Blair.

Havelock Islands

Havelock Island, named after a British general Sir Henry Havelock, is the largest of the 572 islands that comprise the Andamans. It is one of the few tourist places promoted as a part of eco-tourism, by the local administration.

For many tourists Havelock is the Andamans.

And why not?

It has pristine beaches, enticing blue-green shallows, lush green forests and some of the world's best diving sites.

Beach number 7 or Radha Nagar Beach is one of the most popular beaches. Times Magazine judged it as ASIA' s BEST BEACH and the world's seventh best beach. Other prominent beaches include Elephant Beach, Kala Pathar Beach and Vijay Nagar Beach.

The island is 69 km northeast of the capital city, Port Blair.

Government owned ferries and private cruises regularly ply between Port Blair and Havelock. A local bus connects the jetty and the 6 villages. Private cars, rickshaws, two wheelers make up the local transport. Bicycles are also available on rent.

Private operators offer helicopter services too.