Dive In ... & Be the Ocean


This was my first underwater diving experience. WOW! It was my most beautiful experience ever, thanks to the instructor of Gypsy Divers, who made me comfortable, relaxed and taught me about scuba diving gear & skills, in a very short time.

I was completely comfortable underwater, with all my scuba gear. Thumbs up to Gypsy Divers team!

Anurag Chowdhary ( DSD) Kanpur,Madhya Pradesh India


Awesome!!! No other words! Nice reception by Gypsy Divers & wonderful helpful instructor. We totally enjoyed and rate this, as a best experience of the life time.

Thanks a lot Gypsy Divers !

Dr Abhinandan (DSD) Delhi


Thanks again Gypsy, that was definitely the best week, of dive training, I have ever had! This course was a great reality check. There are aspects and skills that I felt very comfortable with because I practice them regularly. Other skills were very challenging because I had either never done them or do not practice often.

Poonam really puts her heart and soul into her course so you have to work hard. No free hand out here. I wouldn't expect anything less from her. Poonam, you are an awesome instructor and great friend and dive buddy.

IAN (Student ) Toronto CANADA


Great diving experience! Colorful coral reef ! Wonderful team! I enjoyed a lot. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

Shalini Jagmohan (DSD) Chennai, India


My first under water dive was an experience I will never forget. It felt like I was transported, to another world. I was left wanting, to go back again and again.

Thanks to Poonam and her awesome dive team; they are very knowledgeable, attentive and supportive.

Right from helping to find the right fitting wet suit, to hooking us up with the required equipment correctly and a very well guided dive makes your under water dive, the most wonderful experience!

Thank you Poonam and the team. All the very best in your future endeavors, God bless.



Amazing experience of scuba diving at Nemo Reef, with most helping instructor, from Gypsy Divers team.

First, I found it very difficult and was not comfortable. But dive instructor Iyyanar made me believe I can do it! And yes I did it… and it was superb. I am in love with the underwater world !

Hey Gypsy Divers book me for this winter, for Dive course with you !

Sachi Shetty (DSD) Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Awesome working with Poonam & her Team.

Mainly for the smiles, on her student's faces 😊 – FREEDOM AZ ( Australia ) Collogue


I did my zero to hero program with Poonam. My first dive was with her during my Open Water Dive course. I had equalization issues with one ear and had started to doubt, if I will be able to become a good diver.

Poonam was extremely patient with me and taught me numerous techniques, by which I could equalize. She let me take my time during descents, as I would take more time than the others till I started getting better with it. Soon I was diving with ease. I went on to become a Dive Master under her training.

She made sure, I learned the skills and understood my duties well.

Poonam is a very passionate diver and makes sure that, you have a great time underwater besides being a fantastic instructor, who focuses on students learning more than the commercially driven course duration deadlines.

SANJAY VARMA – Mumbai ( Student )


Never expected this! But yes, I could dive two times, for the cost of one!

First time I done my Try Dive with Gypsy divers, because of some technical issue in camera, they can't click my diving videos and photos, when we checked on dive center computer, it was not shot on camera.

I was very disappointed with that!

But Poonam, the chief of Gypsy Divers immediately said come again tomorrow, we will dive again with you and give you best shots and that dive will be on the house, will wont charge you for that!!

I was awestruck and shout with my friends … next day we dive with them and it was so awesome with photos ! BIG THANK YOU GYPSY DIVERS !!! You made my Trip to Andaman

Nisha Notwani (DSD) Mumbai Maharashtra, India


Big thanks to Poonam & Team Gypsy, for the great training last weekend. Totally changed my view, of a better way to dive, essential skills, safer and more efficient ways. I had an awesome time both in the classroom and open water. I will not hesitate to recommend your store, to anyone who asks about this sport. Thanks again

ERIC (Germany)


If you are fresh and new and want to know about Learning Diving and if you looking for personal attention , freedom & your own time to learn and practice, with great humble patient staff; What I discovered was an awesome learning environment fostered, by Poonam & Iyyanar & Gypsy Divers, an extremely passionate and knowledgeable instructor and diver.

Not only did she make the learning process fun, but she also encouraged me to take full advantage of the certification and dive as much as possible!

Awesome Diving buddies & dive experience.

Franko (student) Italy


I cannot praise the staff enough! They are all very enthusiastic about scuba and are patient people, encouraging, friendly and helpful. The experience I had at Gypsy Divers was one I wouldn't change a thing about. I loved it from beginning to end. I hope you seriously consider this diving company!

Ton Thorpe (Student) UK


My son Dev and I had a great time diving with Gypsy Divers.

As my son is a new diver, I really appreciated the care and professionalism you showed, in teaching him and giving him a good experience that has encouraged him to become fully certified.

If we travel again to the Havelock & Andaman , we will surely look to dive again with GYPSY DIVERS.

Vinayak Joshi (Fun Diver ) Pune Maharashtra India


It's not just the diving that will stick with me, after my training with Gypsy divers. The great bunch of people I have met here have made my dive courses. I won't be forgetting them and will without a doubt be back to dive more. Poonam INR & the staff & Island, who force me to fall in love with you all

Maggi Joergensen(student) Netherland


I was completely new to diving, and admittedly a little nervous about my first scuba trip, so I felt very fortunate finding Poonam and Gypsy Divers. I could tell after a few minutes of conversation that this lady was the real deal: diving is a way of life for her, and she wants to share the passion, with her student guests. I chose to do my "classroom" study in Gypsy divers dive shop, and that ended up being the perfect answer for me. Some of the basic principles of diving/dive safety that I read about only truly sunk in, when Poonam illustrated them thru conversation and visual references. And, as seriously as she treats the learning the necessary skills, she does it all with a casual ease and sense of humor that keeps everything in perspective.

Lonnie (student)


"Great day diving trip!"

After having just finished my Open Water Course & Advanced Open Water Course in Thailand, I decided to go on two fun dives with Gypsy Divers . They were very attentive to my needs and the fact that, I had least experience in the group. There were two dive masters, for the group of four people.

Since I used my air much faster than the others, one of the dive masters, TATTO, always looked after me and took me to shallower waters and for the second dive they split the group, from the beginning so that, everyone had the best experience. I always felt safe and even though the visibility was not the best, I saw some nice fish and corals.

I really enjoyed my diving experience with Gypsy divers

Bob Tylor (fun diver) UK


I met Poonam during my 9 Month trip to India and Nepal. I set out on my adventure alone, with no solid plan, except that, I intended to train up to Dive Masters level during the trip. Following the magic of India, where ever it took me, I found myself escaping the intensity of mainland India, on a boat headed towards the Andaman Islands, with no real knowledge of the place before hand, but on a recommendation that, Island life was something very different and chilled from the mainland. Once on the Island of Havelock, with a group of friends picked up along the way, we worked our way along the beaches inquiring about dive courses.

After popping in a few, we stumbled across Poonam's school set back from the main road & snuggled right up against the beach, secluded from the main town. Full of beautiful two storey bamboo huts, with a cleared part in the middle (where we did Yoga every morning, when feeling brave enough to risk falling coconuts). The main thing that made us to decide to stay put, other than the breathtaking scenery, was Poonam's manner and welcome. I now know that, running a Dive school is an immense task and there is always a never ending list of things to be done. Poonam put down her massive pile of paper work and gave us her full attention. Genuinely interested in us, as the tired, straggly travelers we were, not at all for the potential money she could make from us, (As we felt we had been handled as in other places).

I ended up staying with Poonam for two months. I can honestly say this was the best, most incredible time in my whole life. (This was in 2012. I have since settled down into family life and am a mother to a wonderful human being). When being asked to write up my experience for Poonam, I looked back through all my photos, from my time on Havelock and still can't believe how lucky I am to have lived the experiences I have.

With a perfect balance between hard work and rest and play, we celebrated Holi together, we hiked with Santosh and friends all over the Island. We lived and ate together and became a family. I couldn't recommend Poonam enough. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. xxx